She started her career as a singer when she was studying at the University of@Music. After that she has been on more than 300 stages and have already released 4 albums.The main theme of her lyrics /songs are such as gloveh and gthe life of womenh. Sometimes she is inspired from another womanfs life such as Freda Kahlo and Marilyn@Monroe and she writes and sings about their lives.@The titles of her albums are gLove you for 100 yearsh,gThe love is always on our sideh,gLove is a drugh,gNorma Jean and Marilyn Monroeh,gThe love is always on our sideh was broadcasted frequently on the very major music programs and gHallelujahh was used as an a team song for@g FC Tokyoh, the famous Japanese professional soccer team.
Example of her repertries Pops, Jazz, classics, etc. (More than 300 songs)
She has been played in some musicals such asgWest Side Storyh and an original musicals. From 2003, she writes original stories and plays a original theater live called gOne Thousand and One Nightsh(Alf Layla wa Layla) which the idea comes from the episode of Sheherazade. Every time, she writes original stories and tells the stories while singing original songs, playing the piano.gOne Thousand and One Nightsh recently brought into a radio programs which has hundred thousand listeners.
She appears on a major radio program called gKaleidoscopeh every week and tells her original stories. She was also a DJ for several radio programs and was sometimes sung in the program, sometimes talked with majormusicians/artists.
She write stories. Her stories were brought into her stages and her radio programs. You can read her stories at
She used to be a model for global major companies such as Beneton,Toyota and Kanebo,and more.
She also dances the flamenco.She has more than 5 yeas experience in flamenco and her passion and emotion reaches directly to the people.
Her dance was introduced at NHK TV program (Japanese national broadcasting network) in 2001.
She loves making artistic crafts. She has an internet atelier at You can see various kind of beautiful and exotic craft on this site.